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What We Do

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Great Bay Work is about improving outcomes efficiently, effectively and collaboratively.

Our services include:

Whether developing a strategy that can be supported by diverse interests or designing a redevelopment project, collaborative processes produce outcomes with higher likelihoods of long term success.

Whether your organization is transitioning from volunteer led work to a professionally staffed structure or reworking a long standing process for better outcomes, it’s important to pay attention to a strategy that gets you from Point A to B with the support of your team and using your data to drive analysis and decision making.

Public health and environmental projects and programs in the public sphere often must prioritize among worthy competing issues. Figuring out the best mix of resources, data and outcomes can often make the critical difference.

Facilitation by people with working knowledge of the issues at play can often enhance the process leading to resolution in areas involving land use, public health, environmental regulation, environmental outcomes, crisis management and organizational development.

Crises can be opportunities to improve. They often shine a spotlight on deficiencies that can be complex and difficult to address. Making the most of these opportunities results in a stronger organization and better outcomes.

Devising a strategy to get you from Point A to Point B that is practical, achievable and efficient.

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