Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

The 10th anniversary of the northeast states ' "Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative "REGGI" ' came and went without much notice this year. Notice we should though. This Initiative places a price on carbon emissions for the coal fired power sector in 10 states and has been implemented with little problem. 

Is it perfect? No, there are program design issues to be dealt with but it proves that if we want to put a price on carbon and use those funds to reduce energy consumption we can.  All of the back and forth over the Clean Power Plan and it's recent proposed replacement, remind me of the initial regulation of ozone. It's too big; it's too complicated; it will shut down our economy.... Twenty-five years later, we have much cleaner air thanks to that regulation.  We should get on with it. We can do whatever we set our minds to. RGGI proves it. 


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